Better Health Care is Our Mission

Patient Code of Conduct

Our safety for our staff and clients in office is very important to us. We have a Zero Tolerance Policy towards any kind of abuse
or aggression towards our staff, physicians etc. If needed we will call emergency services for assistance and may need to terminate any services offered to the client.


We offer pre-booked appointments to our registered patients only through website, email, and telephone. You can call us at our phone number: 604-428-9125 or email us at [email protected]

Missed Appointments

We request you to please notify us at least 24 hours before so we can offer the appointment to another patient. There is a No-show fee of $50.

Prescription Renewals

Please kindly make your appointment at least a couple of weeks in advance before your medication runs out. We do not routinely do prescription refills over the phone or fax. But on a case-by-case basis, we may be able to offer Virtual consults. We do not offer any travel prescription or travel related advice.

Test Results

Please book an appointment with the doctor to follow up for all the test results.


If you need a referral or re-referral to the specialist, please book in with the doctor for an appointment.

Email Policy

As it can be very busy, any emails will be responded to in 3-7 working days for non urgent questions only. Please use the appointment booking by phone or website.

Maintaining Patient Status

  • Patients are considered active if they have atleast one in-office visit in a year.
  • Patients who have not had a visit in more than two years will be removed from our system.
  • Patients who have incurred two consecutive no shows.
  • Previously, due to Covid 19 circumstances, we were accommodating.

* Some policies may vary for Dr. Song’s patients.